"Damo radu" Agency - Development of branding and website



Non-Governmental Organization "Damo Radu" (Let's Help Agency)


Creation of a website to help migrants and their families realize migration-related rights in Ukraine and abroad. The crucial task was to develop a user-friendly website and a logo that intuitively reflects the essence of the organization.

Project implementation

Year 2019


Analyzed the target audience, specifically, retirees in need of assistance in realizing migration-related rights, concluded that the company's stylistics should be concise with an emphasis on building trust.

By selecting a color palette of noble blue and white, creating a clean and concise logo with rounded forms, we achieved a noble, honest, and friendly style.

During the analysis, we created a website that is user-centric, easy to use, with a legible font, and a lot of white space to avoid unnecessary visual clutter.


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