Logo Design and Development

We develop a recognizable brand mark, a key element in creating a cohesive visual identity for the brand, aimed at connecting with the audience.

A logo is more than just a graphic image, it's the face of the company, playing a key role in defining the brand. It serves as a solid foundation for brand identity, leaving a lasting impression on clients.

Creating a logo is a process that requires creativity, strategy, and attention to detail. The main goal is to create a unique and recognizable image that accurately conveys the essence and values of the company. The logo must be visually attractive and functional, easily adaptable to various formats and contexts.

The tools we use
logo service cover

The process of creating a logo includes the following stages:


Brief and Brand Analysis:

Developing a detailed technical task with the client and identifying unique features of the project.


Research and Conceptualization:

Analyzing competitors and existing trends, creating a unique concept.


Sketches and Concept Art:

Manual or digital creation of sketches.


Design Development:

Transferring the best ideas into digital format.


Presentation and Discussion with the Client:

Typically, we provide several options, demonstrating the visual concept of the logo in real applications.


Revision and Finalization:

Refining the logo based on client feedback.


Creating a Brand Book and Preparing Final Files:

Preparing all necessary materials and developing detailed guidelines for logo usage.

The duration of the logo creation process can vary from several weeks to a month, depending on the complexity and specifics of the company or organization. The key to success is collaboration with the client and a deep understanding of their needs.

At Abra Agency, we take pride in creating logos that not only reflect the essence of the brand but also remain relevant and recognizable for many years.

Realized logos

logo hospitable dwelling on the slopes of the carpathians

Logo for the recreation complex 'Hospitable Dwelling on the Slopes of the Carpathians'

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logo hospitable dwelling on the slopes of the carpathians

Logo for public organization "Damo Rada Agency"

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logo for italian cuisine restaurant olyvka

Logo for Italian cuisine restaurant "Olyvka"

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logo for the italian pizzeria granocielo

Logo for the Italian pizzeria "Granocielo"

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logo for the brand of original ski and snowboard clothing boichuk

Logo for the brand of original ski and snowboard clothing Boichuk

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website gra cover image

Logo for a start-up in the field of radiological services and diagnostics

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