Development of logo and branding for the Italian pizzeria "Granocielo"



Italian pizzeria "Granocielo"


The task was to create a logo and branding for a counter-trend pizzeria in the town of Avezzano, Italy. The pizzeria stands out from competitors through the quality of its products and preparation method. The goal was to create a style that would evoke associations with high-quality and natural products, using special flour with unique recipes from Kirill Yakushev, the founder of the pizzeria, and a renowned pizzaiolo in Italy.

Project implementation

Year 2020



We analyzed the pizza-making processes, determined the target audience's perception of product quality, identified competitive influences on pizzerias, and analyzed their locations. Opting for a simple and 'natural' style, we chose grains as the focal point, reflecting its significance in pizzerias through a logo designed in a simple and concise manner. We meticulously designed the font, emphasizing the grain's forms and the logo itself. Created a light, chaotic pattern to underscore the natural aspect. We embraced a minimalistic style, using white to convey cleanliness and unquestionable product quality, with a dark cherry accent color representing the vibrancy of pizza fillings and arousing appetite. The primary focus remains on the product itself.


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