Brandbook development

At Abra Agency, we understand the importance of a brand book as a key tool for brand management. A brand book is a detailed document that sets standards for all aspects of a brand, ensuring its consistency and recognition.

We emphasize the uniqueness of each brand, reproducing it in every element of the brand book, from the mission analysis to the development of the visual identity. Our team creates comprehensive rules for effective brand representation in all communications. Our goal is to develop a brand book that reflects the essence of your brand and serves as a basis for its development and success.

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The main stages of brand book development include:


Coordination of the technical task:

joint discussion with the client and clarification of tasks to determine the scope of work. It depends on the types of branding elements and the nature of the company's activities.


Creating a corporate style concept:

we offer several variants of the concept of corporate style, which help to understand the vision and values of the brand, its uniqueness and distinction.


Presentation of ideas:

we discuss our proposals with the client, reach agreement and make the necessary adjustments. This stage is key to shaping the future visual image of the brand.


Design of branding elements:

We develop the design of branding elements based on the selected concept and approved list, including the logo , color scheme and typography. We create and prepare working files.


Development of application instructions:

we develop brand elements and explain in detail the rules of their application. Part of the brand book contains standards for printing, official documents, various types of products and websites .


Completion and transfer of results:

we prepare and transfer all the necessary materials along with instructions for their use, so that the customer can immediately start using the brand book in various areas, including advertising campaigns and promotion on the Internet.

The process of creating a brand book can take from several weeks to several months, depending on the complexity and depth of the brand. At Abra Agency, we approach each project individually, developing a brand book that not only meets the current needs of your business, but is also ready for future development and expansion.

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