Branding development for the Italian cuisine restaurant 'Olivka'



Italian Cuisine Restaurant 'Olivka'


The 'Olivka' is an Italian cuisine restaurant specializing in homemade pizzas and pastas. The pizza dough and bread are crafted with sourdough and allowed to mature for 24 hours. The goal is to create a logo and branding for the restaurant, aiming to convey the quality and sophistication of traditional Italian presentation. The product targets an audience appreciating high-quality dining, hence the style should align with those expectations.

Project implementation

Year 2020


We analyzed the target audience's perception of product quality, identified competitive influences from pizzerias, and scrutinized their location. Distinguishing itself through quality, the restaurant reflects this in its pricing. To portray the pizzeria in a counter-trend manner, we chose a minimalistic style, emphasizing cleanliness and product quality. The olive tree graphic on a white background adds lightness and naturalness. The custom font logo, with a focus on rounded shapes, conveys warmth and friendliness, remaining light and airy. The refined olive in the center symbolizes the natural origin of the product. The menu design follows a simple and clear typographic approach. A graphic wine map of Italy identifies wine varieties and their origins.


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