The development of the style and website for Boichuk brand

Розробка брендингу та вебсайту для бренду Бойчук - 3


Boichuk brand of original clothes for skiing and snowboarding


Boichuk brand — a young brand of exclusive designer suits for snowboarding and skiing, founded by the energetic and creative Olenka Boychuk.

Our main task was to create a distinctive name and logo that would emphasize the designer work of the products, light and dynamic. Additionally, the development of a lightweight and reliable website to showcase the works.

Project implementation

Year 2019

Розробка брендингу та вебсайту для бренду Бойчук - 2


An important task for us was to analyze the nature and emotions of the target audience, specifically active individuals who aspire to be in the spotlight on the ski slopes.

Branding development


Our creative process for Olenka Boychuk began with a sketch, drawing with chalk on fabric, which we then used as the foundation for the logo.

It's sports, it's drive, it's the feeling of uniqueness when you're in a BOICHUK suit. Accordingly, the logo takes on a dynamic yet stable form, where the depiction of the first letter "B" is designed in the shape of ski slopes.

Розробка брендингу та вебсайту для бренду Бойчук - 4


These illustrations were created for easy recognition, association, and brand memorability. They can be applied to various mediums, where different types of printing are utilized.


Photo session

Created a series of photographs for use on the website and branding materials.


Website Development

The website adopts a contrasting and fresh approach with accent illustrations for a light and user-friendly portfolio site that aligns with the branding requirements. From a technical standpoint, it utilizes the Wagtail content management system based on the Django framework, employing a Postgres database and implementing responsive design for easy viewing on all devices.


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