Website development for food aroma 'Aroma Smak'



"Aroma Smak" - supplier of flavorings, food colorings, and natural extracts


Aroma Smak - this is a high-quality and sophisticated flavor-aromatics with a wide range of applications. It's a variety of tastes and aromas. The main goal of the website is to convey a rich and vibrant taste and aroma on the screen. Another important aspect is the water content in the flavorizers; it's crucial to represent it on the website through color and transparency. To make the website light and impactful, to create a wow effect, to immerse the consumer in the world of flavor-aromatics. It's important to create a concise and ergonomic website.

Project implementation

Year 2019


Created a vibrant, contrasting website with a wow effect that focuses the consumer's attention on the quality of raw materials. Used a lot of blue color to provide a fresh look and convey the water content in the composition. Bright photographs symbolize rich taste and concentrated raw materials. Employed ergonomic principles in website navigation, presenting a concise appearance where everything is simple and clear.


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