Designing a logo for a recreation centre "Hostynna oselia na Skhylakh Karpat"



Hospitable house in the slopes of the Carpathians


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In the Carpathians, in Nyzhnia Rozhanka there is a recreation centre "Skhyly Karpat" (Slopes of the Carpathians). This is a place of cosy family rest. The Carpathians are the mountains with a lot of greenery, fresh air and with its own special culture. The task given was to create a fresh modern and recognized style which would reflect all the advantages of rest in the Carpathians.



The location of the recreating centre and the peculiarities of the region of the region were carefully analyzed and the target audience was surveyed. Having analyzed neighbouring recreation centres, we have reached a conclusion that the majority follows a bulky wooden style, using loads of wood and engravings. Our desire itself was, however, to get rid of the stereotype, highlighting the style of the region at the same time. Thus, the decision was made to follow a light style focusing on ecology and therefore using bright green colours on a clean white background. The logo includes the reflection of the venue itself which is the slopes of the mountains, the tops of the buildings and the river. All of this is harmonically united in a simple and succinct style. To add the dynamics and to make the logo recognizable we have used a pattern of triangles which corresponds to the logo itself and highlights the mountain slopes. In general, the ideas of ecology, ease and purity have been preserved.

Гостинна оселя "На схилах Карпат"