Development of a website for the football club 'Karpaty' in Lviv


Football Club 'Karpaty' Lviv


Create a concise website for fans of Lviv's football club 'Karpaty'.

The website should inspire fans with contrasting photos, a team roster, and fresh news.

Project implementation

Year 2021


Before the club's revival, captains from all generations of "Karpaty," veterans who were involved in the club's creation and development in 1963, called for a fresh start. They, champions in 1969, played a vital role in the club's history.

Our team attended FC "Karpaty" matches to draw inspiration for creating a website that truly reflects the essence of this team.

We conducted a survey among the target audience, sensed the spirit and dedication of FC "Karpaty" fans, and understood how the website should be to captivate their attention.


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