Designing a logo and a corporate image for the Italian pizzeria "Granocielo"



Italian pizzeria "Granocielo"


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The task was to create a logo and manage a brand for the pizzeria of the counter-trend in a town Avezzano, Italy. The pizzeria differs from its competitors because of the product quality and cooking methods. The task was to create a style which would associate with a qualitative and natural product, i.e. special flour and unique recipes by Kyrylo Yakushev, who is a founder of the pizzeria as well as a famous pizzaiolo in Italy.



Having analyzed all the processes of cooking pizza, we have found how the target audience treats the quality of the product as well as the competitive influence of pizzeria and have analyzed its location. The decision was made to create as simple as possible and natural design. The basis was a grain as it is treated in a special way in pizzeria. It was reflected on the logo as simply as possible and in a succinct way. The font was created from scratch, highlighting its natural origin. The style we opted for was minimalism. Using a white background, we have conveyed the purity and undoubtful quality of the product. The accent was made with the use of dark cherry hints which is a colour that reflects the brightness of the pizza fillings and provokes appetite. However, the product itself is the main highlight.