Development of a multimedia online platform about the contemporary and historical Ukraine - 'Local History'



Research historical project "Local History"


"Local History" is one of the few quality projects dedicated to researching and intriguingly portraying Ukrainian history. It aims to debunk stereotypes and myths perpetuated by occupying authorities.

At the time of our acquaintance, the team already had a logo. The existing website required technical improvements, redesign, optimization for search engines, and enhancing user interaction.

Project implementation

Year 2020


Firstly, we developed a new website, retaining the previous design for brand recognition but enhancing usability. We focused on magazines, articles, sections, photos, and video content. We significantly improved user interaction and optimized search, resulting in increased readership and subscribers.

For the project development, we utilized the Wagtail Content Management System based on the Django framework, using a Postgres database.

We continue collaborating with 'Local History' on the website development, so stay tuned for exciting updates.


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