The Development of the Multimedia Online Platform about the Present and the Past of Ukraine – “Local History”



Scientific-research historical project “Local History”


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“Local History” is one of few qualitative projects, which conduct researches and throw light on Ukrainian history as well as debunk the stereotypes and established myths created by occupational authorities.

By the time of the meeting, our team had already created a logo. Existing website needed technical improvements and redesign as well as improving optimization for search engines and upgrading the interaction with the user.


First of all, the new website was developed and although the design was still similar to the previous one, the website has become clearer and more user-friendly. The attention was drawn to the magazines, texts, rubrics, photos and video materials.

We have dramatically improved the interaction of the website with the user and upgraded search optimization, which has increased the number of readers and subscribers of the resource.

For the development of the project the system of content control Wagtail was used on the basis of the framework Django with the use of the data base Postgres.

We continue working with “Local History” developing the website, thus interesting updates are to come.