Brand development for the Italian specialty restaurant named "Olyvka"



Italian cuisine restaurant “Olyvka”


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"Olyvka" is the Italian specialty restaurant specializing in home-made pizza and pasta. Pizza and bread dough is made with 24-hour leaven. The task is to create a logo and restaurant branding and convey the quality and elegance of Italian traditional food presentation. The product is designed for the audience which appreciates quality food that is why a style had to satisfy the requirements.



Having analyzed a target audience’s attitude to a quality product, we found competitive impacts of the pizzeria and analyzed its location. The product is characterized by its quality and price, respectively. To depict the counter-trend pizzeria, we have chosen a minimalist style that highlights product purity and quality, an olive tree on a white background gives lightness and naturalness. The specially designed logo with a focus on a rounded shape conveys coziness and kindness. It is light and airy enough. An elegant olive in the middle represents the emergency of the natural product. The menu design has a simple and clear typographic presentation. The graphic wine map of Italian regions identifies types of wine and their origin.