The development of the style and website for Boichuk brand



Boichuk brand of original clothes for skiing and snowboarding


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Boichuk brand is a young brand of exclusive designer costumes for snowboarding and skiing. The brand itself has been founded by creative and restless Olena Boichuk.

The main task for us was to create a recognizable name and logo which emphasize designer work of garments, which are light and dynamic. The additional task was to develop a user-friendly and reliable website for presentation of products.


The significant task for us was to analyze the target audience character and emotions, i. e. active people who desire to be in the centre of attention on the ski slopes.

The branding development.

The logo.

Our creation for Olenka Boichuk has started with a sketch, sketching over fabrics which was taken as a basis for the logo.

There is sport, drive and the feeling of uniqueness when you are wearing BOICHUK costume. Thus, the logo becomes dynamic, but stable in shape, where the reflection of the first letter “B” is thought of as ski slopes.


The illustrations created are easily recognized and associated with the brand and promote brand remembering. They can be placed on different products for endorsement with the help of various types of printing.


The series of successful photos was created for use on the website and on branding products.


We have used a fresh contrast approach and accent illustrations for easy and convenient portfolio website, which will correspond the demands of branding. The technical side used the content control system Wagtail on the basis of framework Django with the use of data base Postgres and adaptive design for convenient website review on different devices.

And are you ready to skiing and snowboarding season? Not yet? Then sharpen the edges and hurry to order costumes from Olenka!!

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